Business Incorporation in Canada

Our Canadian business incorporation packages utilize an all-inclusive fee structure.

If you are looking for business incorporation in Canada, turn to us at New Business To meet the specific needs of each of our clients, we offer fixed fee incorporation packages. We also offer incorporation packages for Professional Corporations. Professional corporations are used by regulated professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and health professionals.

One of the main benefits of our business incorporation packages is that they utilize an all-inclusive fee structure so that you are able to fully understand which components are optional, and which are required, during the incorporation process.

With all of our business incorporation packages, we can help you decide whether you should incorporate your business federally or Provincially, and we can provide legal advice specific to your requirements.

Any incorporation documents we create for your business are fully customized to your individual needs. All of our business incorporation packages and services are offered by a lawyer who has been organizing and forming companies throughout Canada for over fifteen years.

If you are ready to realize the many benefits that come from incorporating your business, contact us at New Business to find out more about each of the business incorporation packages we provide. We look forward to being a part of your business’ future success as a corporation.

Federal Business Incorporation in Canada

We make it easy for you to understand which components are required during the federal business incorporation process in Canada.

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