Business Name Registration in Ontario

Business name registrations in Ontario are valid for five-year terms and must be renewed every five years to remain in good standing.

In Ontario, business name registration applies to any business name, with the exception of:

  • The legal name of a sole proprietor (a single individual in business) without any additional words added,
  • The legal names of partners in a partnership (multiple persons in business with a common view to profit) without any additional words added,
  • And the legal names of corporations (any name used to identify the corporation other than the legal corporate name must be registered separately as a business name).

Pursuant to the Business Names Act (Ontario), business name registrations are considered valid for five-year terms and must be renewed every five years for the business name to remain in good standing.

There are several things to consider as you select your business name, including that it is:

  • Different from other business names
  • Distinctive
  • Distinguishable from businesses that offer similar products or services to yours
  • Easy for others to recognize, spell, and read

Business name registrants should conduct thorough research into their preferred business name choices in order to determine what is available and to avoid confusion with other existing business names.

Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor, an Ontario lawyer, can assist with registration or renwal of business names in Ontario. We conduct a NUANS name search (used to identify whether a proposed business name is available for registration) which will compare your desired business name with existing business names, corporate names and trademarks in several government databases.

Complemented by affordable prices and professional representatives who have a firm grasp of the name registration process, our business name registration services are available to ensure that you achieve your goals. If you have any questions about what you need to do and/or how we can assist, please contact us at New Business

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