Certificate of Incorporation in Canada

We can provide you with all of the documentation you need to establish your business as a corporation in Canada, including a Certificate of Incorporation.

When you incorporate your business in Canada, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation as part of the incorporation process. This document will include several critical pieces of information about your newly formed corporation, such as its official name, the day your company was incorporated, and the corporation number assigned to your company.

At New Business Now.com, we are proud to offer a selection of services that are designed to help you complete the incorporation process cost effectively, quickly and efficiently. By using one of our incorporation packages, we can provide you with all of the documentation you need to establish your business as a corporation, including a Certificate of Incorporation.

Our incorporation packages include a name search, preparation and filing of the Articles of Incorporation, as well as assistance preparing organizational resolutions, corporate by-laws, registers, ledgers, and share certificates, which are all mandatory documents for every corporation.

If you are ready to officially incorporate your business and acquire all needed documentation, including a Certificate of Incorporation, we are eager to assist you with the process. To find out more about our various incorporation packages and what they include, please reach out to us today at New Business Now.com.

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