Corporate Services in Ottawa

Set your business up for success with our corporate services.

As you incorporate your business in Ottawa, Ontario, there are certain corporate services you need to successfully complete the process. At New Business Now.com, we offer the corporate services you are looking for, as well as a level of dependability and knowledge that will ensure a positive experience from start to finish.

Our corporate services comprise the following:

  • Registered agent services—We draw on our extensive network of law firms and agents in the province and across Canada to complete extra-provincial registrations.
  • Trade name registrations—Does your corporation operate under a name that differs from its corporate name? If so, you need to register that name as a trading or operating name. You must also list this name on any legal documents or contracts used by your business. We can help you with trade name registrations in several jurisdictions across Canada.
  • Corporate address changes—Are you planning to move your business? Let us help you successfully change your corporate address.
  • Extra-provincial registrations—If your corporation does business in a province outside of its home jurisdiction, you must complete the extra-provincial registration process. We can help with this process in several territories and provinces here in Canada.

Contact Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor, an Ontario lawyer for further information about our corporate services and how they can benefit your organization. Offering competitive pricing and customized documentation, our goal is to make running your corporation that much easier. 

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