Corporate Services in Canada

We offer a variety of corporate maintenance services to businesses in Canada, including corporate address changes, corporate name changes, and trade name registrations.

At New Business, we provide many different corporate services to existing businesses throughout Canada. Some of the corporate services we have to offer include:

  • Corporate name changes – In order to change the name of your corporation, you must follow a specific process, which involves searching for and reserving your proposed name, passing appropriate corporate resolutions, and filing Articles of Amendment.
  • Corporate address changes – Whether you wish to move your registered office down the street or to a different Province, we can help you successfully change your corporate address.
  • Trade name registrations – If you operate your company under a name other than its legal corporate name, you must register this name as a trading or operating name. Both trade name and corporate name must be listed on any legal documents or contracts your organization uses, and we can assist to register the trade name in most Canadian Provinces.
  • Extra-Provincial registrations – If you operate your company in any Province other than its home jurisdiction, the Corporation must be registered as an Extra-Provincial Corporation in each additional Province. Extra-Provincial registration also applies to federally incorporated companies, and we can assist with these registrations throughout Canada.
  • Registered agent services – We provide registered agent services using an extensive network of agents and law firms throughout Canada. You may require registered agent services if you need to complete the extra-provincial registration process or if you want to incorporate your business using a third-party address for privacy purposes.

To find out more about our corporate services, what they include, and how they can benefit your specific operations, please reach out to us at New Business today. Our services are complemented by experience and dependability; service excellence; compliant, customized documentation; and competitive pricing.

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