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Our office will be providing limited service from January 27 - February 18, 2020 inclusive.

Priority processing services will not be available during this period and clients will experience delays in the processing of their orders.
Delays of 3-4 business days for responses to email inquiries and telephone messages may also be experienced during this time.

If priority service is required, we would recommend that you use an alternate service provider during this period.
Our normal service standards will resume on February 19, 2020.

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Glossary of Terms

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An individual elected by the shareholder(s) of a corporation to supervise the corporation's management. The directors of a corporation are collectively referred to as the board of directors. Most Canadian jurisdictions require that a specified percentage of directors are residents of Canada.


The act of terminating the legal existence of a corporation. Dissolution may be voluntary or involuntary.


The distribution of current or accumulated earnings of a corporation to its shareholders based on the number of shares owned.

Double Taxation

A situation in which corporate income is taxed twice: once when it is earned by the corporation and a second time at the personal level when it is removed from the corporation as a dividend.

Due Diligence

The care or diligence that a prudent, reasonable person is expected to exercise in the evaluation of risks and the performance of duties that might affect a business’ operations or comportment. In the event of liability or prosecution, due diligence may provide an acceptable defence.


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