Overview of Name Search Process

New Business Now.com conducts free Preliminary NUANSĀ® Searches on submitted names, prior to proceeding with a full search or name reservation. The Preliminary Search eliminates proposed names with exact matches before you pay, thereby saving you time and money.

In all jurisdictions other than British Columbia, only one full search is included with your order, and we will complete the full search on the first name which appears to be available based on the preliminary search results.

In British Columbia, we can submit up to three proposed names in order of preference on the BC name Reservation.

In the case of federal (Canada) incorporation, we can submit the NUANS Search to Corporations Canada for review by a government examiner (NUANS Search with Name Decision. The examiner will provide you with a written Name Decision which will advise whether or not the Government will accept the proposed name for federal incorporation. If the proposed name is rejected, the Name Decision will provide reasons for the rejection. A NUANS Search with Name Decision is highly recommended for all federal incorporations in order to expedite the incorporation process.

If none of your submitted names are available on the basis of our Preliminary Search, we will contact you for further instructions.

If a proposed name is rejected by the government once it is searched and submitted, additional name searches/reservations may be required at additional cost. We will contact you to review your options prior to processing any additional charges.