Named corporation - Search/Reservation Required

Companies can be incorporated using a name selected by the incorporator(s), or they can be identified using their corporation number assigned by the Government (ie. 123456 Canada Inc.).

Where a named company is being incorporated, you can submit up to three proposed names, in order of preference.  We will then complete a free preliminary corporate name search on each of your proposed names to determine whether any of them appear to be available.  This pre-screen eliminates proposed names with exact matches, thereby saving you time and money.  The first proposed name which appears to be available will then be submitted for a full search or name reservation, as applicable.  If none of your proposed names appear to be available, we will contact you to obtain a new list of proposed names.


1. The preliminary name search is designed to find exact matches for proposed names.  In certain cases, names which are confusingly similar to the proposed name may not appear on the preliminary name search and will only appear on the full search or name reservation request.  In this circumstance, an additional name search/reservation may be required at additional cost.  If this is required, we will contact you to discuss your options before moving forward.