Registered Office Address/Attorney for Service (Annual Fee)

Every corporation must have a registered office in its jurisdiction of incorporation.  The registered office must be a physical location, and cannot be a post office box.

In addition to the above, certain Provinces require the appointment of an Attorney for Service/Recognized Agent for the purpose of receipt of service of process on the Corporation.  This individual does not need to be a lawyer, only a resident of the applicable Province of incorporation.

If you do not have an address within your jurisdiction of incorporation, or if you do not know of an individual who can act as Attorney for Service/Recognized Agent, we can provide either or both services for your corporation's use on an annual basis.  This service includes use of the provided address and/or Attorney for Service's/Recognized Agent's name on government documents, and the forwarding of mail or service of process received on behalf of the corporation to your contact address.


1.  This service is not required if you have a physical address in the Province of Incorporation, however some incorporators use this service for privacy purposes.  Corporate data is made available by the government in publicly accessible corporate databases, and as a result, registered office address information for your Corporation will be available to the general public.  When our service is used to provide the registered office address, we (or our third-party service providers) become the first point of contact for anyone searching for the address of your Corporation.

2.  If you are incorporating a company and you are a resident of the Province of incorporation, you can act as your company's Attorney for Service/Recognized Agent.  You do not need a third-party to provide this service.

3.  Registered Office Service is NOT a virtual office and DOES NOT include telephone, fax, secretarial or any other service.  The service is intended only to be used to satisfy the legal requirement of having a registered office address and/or Attorney for Service/Recognized Agent within the jurisdiction of incorporation. The registered office address CANNOT be identified to the public as the business/operating address of the corporation.

4.  In all jurisdictions other than the Province of Ontario, Registered Office, Attorney for Service/Recognized Agent services are provided by independent third-parties, including law firms and other corporate services providers who are unrelated to our firm.  New Business and Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor have no control and assume no responsibility or liability for the acts, omissions, or negligence of these third-party service providers.

5.  This service is billed annually at the quoted fee.  Disbursements for mail forwarding are billed additionally to the annual fee.