7 Elements Every NUANS® Reservation Report Includes [infographic]

If you are starting a new business, NUANS® searches are used to determine whether proposed corporate or business names are available by comparing them with existing trademarks, business names, and corporate names from government databases. After having a NUANS® search completed, there are seven things the search report will include.

  1. Seven pages of information – All NUANS® Reservation Reports consist of a 7-page PDF document you can review at your convenience.
  2. Jurisdiction Identification – NUANS® Searches identify the jurisdiction covered in the report at the top of each page, including federal (Canada), Province or Territory.
  3. Reservation number – On every Provincial/Territorial or Federal reservation report, a 9-digit reservation number can be found at the top left of each page directly under the proposed name.
  4. Similar names –The first four pages of the report list similar business names and corporation names.
  5. Similar trademarks – The next two pages of the report list trademarks similar to the proposed corporate or business name.
  6. Data Provider Information & Abbreviation Terminology - The last page of the report lists the various databases that are included in the report results and explains the meanings behind abbreviations used in the report.
  7. Length of validity In most jurisdictions, NUANS® Reports are valid for 90 calendar days after the date listed on the report. A specific validity date for the report is identified at the bottom of each page of the report.

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