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Due to staff holidays in the month of July, our office will be providing limited service from July 1-20, 2017 inclusive.

Priority processing services will not be available during this period and clients may experience delays in the processing of their orders.
Delays of 3-4 business days for responses to email inquiries and telephone messages may also be experienced during this time.

If priority service is required, we would recommend that you use an alternate service provider during this period.
Our normal service standards will resume on July 21, 2017.

Four Steps to Completing Business Registrations

If you have a great business idea, you may have started looking for ways to make sure your business is registered and set up for success. Business registration can seem daunting, but there are three basic steps you need to complete to ensure you are off to a great start:

  • Register Your Business Name – Business names must be registered with the provincial government in every Province other than Newfoundland & Labrador (this Province has no legislation governing the registration of business names). In some cases, a name search or reservation will be required prior to registering the name.
  • Get Your Permits & Licenses – Many businesses need permits and licenses that allow them to conduct business in their specific area of operation. You will need to research and apply for applicable permits and licensing at the federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal levels.
  • Register Your Business for a federal Business Number with the Canada Revenue Agency – The Business Number is a numbering system used as the basis of various federal and provincial tax accounts, including Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax, Payroll Source Deductions, and Importer/Exporter accounts.
  • Register Your Business for Provincial Tax Programs and Workers’ Compensation Coverage – Each Province has its own set of tax programs, including Retail Sales Tax (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Quebec), Workers’ Compensation coverage, Employer Health Tax and others.

While these requirements might seem overwhelming, there are many resources for business registrations available to you. If you are looking for solutions for business registrations or need assistance completing the process, contact us at New Business Now.com. We can answer your questions and ensure your new business is ready to go with the proper documentation and accounts so you are set up for success.

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