We Were Recently Quoted in an Article about Business Name Registration and Renaming Your Company

Whether you are renaming your business for branding purposes or because you want to create an entirely new identity, coming up with the right name for your organization and making it work can be difficult. Recently, the topic of business renaming was covered in a Canadian Business Magazine article, and our owner and founder, Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor, was quoted in it.

In the article, Eric mentions how important it is during the business name registration and selection process to avoid using a name that is similar or identical to one already used by another business. Today, many businesses in Canada use the Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search (NUANS) system to make sure no other business has the name they want to use, so they are able to avoid legal liability.

If you are interested in moving forward with the business name registration process, at New Business Now.com, we can help. As an accredited search house, we can perform a NUANS search or government name reservation for your proposed name as part of the business name registration process while providing you with guidance in respect of your proposed name.

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