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Incorporation in Ontario

We offer incorporation for three types of businesses in Ontario: Businesses, Not-For-Profits, and Professional Corporations.

Have you thought about incorporating your business but are not sure what the process of incorporating involves? Are you weighing the benefits and are not sure how incorporating could help you? At New Business Now.com, we can assist you with accurate information about incorporation and how incorporating your business may be beneficial. Incorporation provide several benefits, including:

  • Limited Liability Protection – Incorporated companies have the protection of limited liability, meaning that the shareholders (owners) of the business are not generally held personally responsible for the debts, liabilities and other obligations of the incorporated company. The corporation is generally held responsible for debts and liabilities, thereby limiting the liability of the shareholders.
  • Solidify Your Business’ Reputation – Incorporating offers your business the reputation of stability and credibility, which will help your business grow and develop important connections over its lifetime.
  • Tax Benefits - By incorporating your business, you may be able to access certain reduced tax rates and programs which are unavailable to unincorporated businesses, such as sole proprietorships and partnerships. Corporations can also provide the ability to split income with other family members.

At New Business Now.com, we are proud to offer a number of incorporation services for businesses in Ontario. We offer incorporation for three types of businesses: Business, Not-For-Profit, and Professional Corporation. We also offer three convenient packages for incorporation -- Flexible, Standard, and Comprehensive -- so you can get the services you need for your business. Contact Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor, an Ontario lawyer, today to learn more about how we can assist you and get your business on track to success.

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Incorporation in Canada

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