Robert Stone is an IT consultant whose company currently provides software and training to a variety of different businesses. He plans to expand his business to include other services. Here is how he might work through the process of naming his business.

Does the name convey the nature of the product or service you offer?
Stone’s Software Development, Consulting and Training Services

Does it set your business apart from the competition?
InfoTech Software and Training Services

Is it easy for people to remember? Spell? Pronounce?
InfoTech Total IT Services

Does it appeal to the market segment you hope to attract?
InfoTech Total Business Services

Does the name reflect the image you want people to associate with your company?
InfoTech Total Business Solutions

Is it a name that can grow with your business as you add new products or services, or expand into other provinces?
Can include: InfoTech Total Software Solutions, InfoTech Total Training Solutions, etc.

Is the name as short and memorable as it can be without being misleading or non-descript?
InfoTech Total Business Solutions

Can the name be registered as a domain name for use on the Internet? If not, can you create an appropriate domain name that is easily associated with it?

As you can see, Robert’s business has not changed. The evolution of his business name from “Stone’s Software Development, Consulting and Training Services” to “InfoTech Total Business Solutions” has allowed him to appeal to a very specific type of customer and provide room for expansion into other types of related businesses. When Robert goes to register this name, it is also unlikely that anyone else will be able to lay claim to it because it is distinctive or unique to him (because he coined the term “InfoTech”) and descriptive of his particular business (Total Business Solutions).