Not-For-Profit Incorporation in Ontario

When you begin the not-for-profit incorporation process in Ontario, you will quickly notice that our pricing is competitive, comprehensive, and affordable.

At New Business Now.com, we offer a variety of Ontario Not-For-Profit Incorporation packages, including Flexible, Standard and Comprehensive Packages. These packages provide you with a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Corporations Act (Ontario).

A not-for-profit corporation is similar to a for-profit or business corporation as it is considered to be a legal person with an independent existence separate and distinct from its members. The main difference between a for-profit and not-for-profit incorporation is the ability to distribute profits. In a not-for-profit corporation any profit must be retained within the corporation and cannot be distributed to the members.

In order for an Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporation to operate in any other Canadian Province or Territory, it must first register in that other jurisdiction as an "Extra-Provincial" Corporation. If you are planning to operate your organization in a number of Provinces, or across Canada, a Federal Not-For-Profit Incorporation may be a better option.

Incorporation benefits for non-profit organizations and charities include the following:

  • The corporate names of incorporated non-profit organizations are legally protected to a greater extent than those of unincorporated associations.
  • Incorporation generally shields the members of your organization from personal liability.
  • By incorporating your organization, its independent and separate legal status allows the organization to continue to exist and operate even if the individual founders cease their involvement or pass away.
  • After completing the not-for-profit incorporation process, your charitable organization may have better success in acquiring both public and private donations.

When you begin the not-for-profit incorporation process, you will quickly notice that our pricing is competitive, comprehensive, and affordable. Our incorporation packages for non-profit organizations in Ontario are also complemented and enhanced by professional staff members, service excellence, and compliant, accurate, and customized documents. If you have any questions about our various incorporation packages for non-profit organizations, please contact us today.

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Not-For-Profit Incorporation in Canada

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