Nova Scotia Incorporation

Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor offers a Nova Scotia Business Incorporation package which provides you with a business incorporated under the Companies Act (Nova Scotia). Nova Scotia Corporations have the right to carry on business anywhere within the Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick under their registered corporate names.

In order for a Nova Scotia Corporation to carry on business in any Canadian Province or Territory other than Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, it must first register in that other jurisdiction as an "Extra-Provincial" Corporation. If you are planning to operate your company in a number of Provinces, or across Canada, a Federal Incorporation may be a better option.

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Package Description

Standard Package

  • Standard Incorporation Packages include all mandatory documentation required to properly incorporate and organize your company. This includes preparation and filing of the incorporation documents, along with corporate organization, (including share issuance, by-laws, registers, ledgers, initial minutes/resolutions), and the preparation of a corporate minute book, seal and share certificates.

Fast Facts-Nova Scotia Incorporation

Nova Scotia Incorporation
Processing Time 10-15 business days
Government Filing Fee $200.00
Annual Return Filing Fee $118.35
Type of Name Search Required Atlantic biased NUANS Search
Director Residency Requirements No resident Canadian directors required

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