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NUANS® Searches in Toronto

NUANS® searches are an important part of business name registration and incorporation in Toronto.

When you are ready to select a business name, you will want to be sure to conduct a NUANS® search to be sure that your proposed name is available. NUANS® searches are an important part of the business name registration and incorporation processes in Toronto, Ontario. At New Business Now.com, we have the services and resources to make NUANS® searches accessible and convenient.

The acronym NUANS® stands for Newly Updated Automated Name Search, which is an advanced name search system with more than 8 million records of name registrations for business names, corporate names and trademarks across Canada. Before a business can incorporate in Ontario or federally as a Canada corporation, the Federal and Provincial governments require NUANS® searches to ensure that a business name is available for incorporation.

Before settling on a business or corporate name, there are several key factors you will want to consider. You should determine whether other similar business names or trademarks exist, whether your proposed name is already in use, and whether you have a unique name for your business. NUANS® searches are ideal because the system allows business owners to search quickly and efficiently for business name, corporate name and trademark records in Ontario and in multiple jurisdictions across Canada. Using the NUANS® search, you can easily determine the availability of your proposed business or corporate name.

If you would like assistance with NUANS® searches or if you would like to purchase a NUANS® search, please contact New Business Now.com for more information about our services. At www.newbusinessnow.com, you can also find a variety of convenient and affordable business incorporation services to meet your needs.

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