Extra-Provincial Registration in New Brunswick

Register your corporation to carry on business in New Brunswick.

If your corporation wants to carry on business in the Province of New Brunswick, but it is not incorporated as a provincial corporation in either New Brunswick or Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia corporations are exempt from New Brunswick extra-provincial registration requirements), it must be registered as a New Brunswick Extra-Provincial Corporation. This type of registration is also required for federal (Canada) corporations and for non-Canadian corporations that wish to carry on business in New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick extra-provincial registration process involves searching the corporate name for availability on the NUANS® Name Search System, the appointment of a resident of New Brunswick as Attorney for Service (for the purpose of receiving service of legal documents and government correspondence on your company's behalf), and the completion and submission of several documents, along with the relevant government filing fee, to the Corporate Affairs Registry of Service New Brunswick, in order to complete the extra-provincial registration.

Once the New Brunswick extra-provincial registration is complete, a Certificate of Registration will be issued. Your corporation will be required to file a New Brunswick Extra-Provincial Annual Return each year, along with the relevant filing fee, in order to keep its registration active and in good standing.

Eric P. Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor, an Ontario Lawyer, provides all the services required in order to register and maintain an extra-provincial corporation in the Province of New Brunswick. In addition, the services of a New Brunswick resident can be arranged in order to satisfy the Attorney for Service requirement. Please use the form below to contact us today to learn more or to initiate the extra-provincial registration process.

Fast Facts-New Brunswick Extra-Provincial Registration

New Brunswick Extra-Provincial Registration
Expedited Processing Priority Processing
Processing Time 5-7 business days 1-3 business days
Government Filing Fee $212.00 $312.00
Annual Return Filing Fee $200.00
Type & Cost of Name Search Required Atlantic biased NUANS Search - $34.99

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